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How I got into crafting

My love for crafts likely kicked off during my time in Girl Scouts because for us, we could have just as easily called ourselves Girl Crafters. Don’t get me wrong, we definitely sold our share of Thin Mints, but other than a few yearly outings, there was no concept of “scouts.” It was just friendship bracelets, candle making, cookie press making, and slime making – and I was all for it.

So over since then, as a child, when friends would ask me what I wanted for my birthday, I wanted a craft kit. It didn’t matter what the kit was about – I just wanted to create something.

Imagination vs Creativity

Now, even though I loved creating, I was not (and am still not) imaginative. Therefore having clear instructions that I could follow and then build upon was key. The best example of this was when my dad and I built this doll house together when I was around eight years old. I had it in my mind that I wanted a dollhouse. In reality, I wanted to build a dollhouse. After we spent months (or weeks? my timeline as a kid was not great) building this thing, I played with it maybe three times and only when friends were over.

Homemade Dollhouse
Homemade dollhouse inside

I liked to look at what I had created, but I could not understand why my friends wanted to act out scenarios with the people. And frankly even writing this now I can’t think of the words to describe “playing with dolls.” Imagination simply isn’t my thing, but creating is.

So now after my brief stint as DIY Youtuber in 2016 (though I’ll likely still post occasionally to the channel), I’m moving to the blogging world to share my love of all things crafts and DIYs.

You can reach me at [email protected].