Best Knitting and Crochet Gifts of 2024

yarn, knitting needles, buttons, and a knitting pattern with the title "best knitting and crochet gifts"

A collection of the best knitting and crochet gifts. Find the perfect gifts for crocheters and knitters from unique to practical to fun!

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If you don’t knit or crochet, it can sometimes be challenging to find a present for someone who does. Yarn will always be a great gift for knitters or crocheters, but if you want to give something more unique, this list has great options.

And if you’re a crochet lover or knitter yourself, you can also use this gift guide to help inspire you to make your own wish lists.

If you’re looking for more general crafting gifts, here are my recommendations for the best craft gifts.

Need help wrapping presents? I’ve put together an ultimate guide to gift wrapping.

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yarn, knitting needles, buttons, and a knitting pattern with the title "best knitting and crochet gifts"

Top Knitting and Crochet Gifts in Each Price Range

To make it easy to select a gift for the knitter or crocheter in your life, here are some quick picks of gifts for crochet lovers and knitters. I’ve compiled a selection of top gifts at various price points, so you can easily choose from the list that suits your budget.

Top Knitting and Crochet Gifts Under $20

Top Knitting and Crochet Gifts Under $50

Top Knitting and Crochet Gifts Over $50

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knit item with knitting needles with the title "best gifts crocheters and knitters under $20 by"

Knitting and Crochet Gifts Under $20

All of these gifts for knitters and crocheters are below $20. These crochet and knitting gifts can be used as stocking stuffers or as a more affordable main gift. Whichever option you choose, the knitter and crocheter in your life will surely appreciate them.

Yarn Bowl

knit picks two toned wooden yarn bowl

A yarn bowl makes a wonderful and practical gift for knitters or crocheters. I actually received a similar one years ago and I absolutely treasure it. All you have to do is place your ball of yarn in the bowl and thread it through the spiral to keep it neatly contained. No more hunting a ball of yarn across the room! This one from Knit Picks has the gorgeous two-toned designed that is just over $20.

Neck Light

While originally intended for reading, this neck light is perfect to use while knitting and crocheting. It’s super portable, and the best part is, it’s hands-free! So your knitter can keep using both hands, even late into the night, while creating amazing things.

Fun Stitch Markers

There are all sorts of fun stitch markers you can get. Etsy has a whole selection, but I chose some of my personal favorites (click each photo to shop it on Etsy). You can find a wide variety of personalized stitch markers for knitters and crocheters. Whether you’re looking for nerdy ones, playful ones, or any design that your knitter or crocheter friend might like, there are plenty of options available.

Personalized Craft Labels

These custom sew-in craft labels make for an adorable and thoughtful gift for a crocheter and knitter. There are all types of personalized labels you can get on Etsy, including these sew-on labels. They get sewn onto a finished knit or crocheted item to add a personal touch.

Annie's Caring Crochet Kit Club

Annie’s Crochet Kit Club is a unique craft subscription kit. This craft subscription kit works just like all the others – it provides you with materials and instructions to crochet a project. But what sets this kit apart is that the finished project can be donated. So you can enjoy the creative process while also making a difference.

All of the projects are items for those in need such as chemo caps and blankets for children. They partner with organizations that will take the donations so once the project is completed, it gets sent to that organization. I absolutely love the whole idea and mission and frankly at $19.99 per month, it makes a truly lovely and affordable gift for people who crochet or a knitter who wants to get into crochet.


merino rainbow yarn azelea green and pink hand dyed yarn aloft kid mohair yarn in different colors felici sock yarn from knit picks in different colors chroma worsted yarn in different rainbow colors white hathorne speckled yarn with multi colored dots on the yarn

Giving yarn as a gift to a knitter or crocheter is always a safe bet. The only thing to consider is the yarn size. This mainly applies to those who exclusively make socks (go for “fingering yarn”) or work with thick yarn (opt for “bulky” or “super bulky” yarn). Otherwise, chances are the knitter or crocheter will find a project to use the yarn for.

I’ve selected a few of my personal favorites off of KnitPicks and Etsy (you can click on each photo to go to its page). Depending on the price of the yarn and how much you’re willing to spend, I recommend getting a few balls of the same color to make sure they have enough for a project. You can even pair it with some knitting needles this is a great simple set and a free downloadable pattern (such as these) to give the some inspiration!

Mini Amigurumi Animals Crochet Book

This book as a fantastic gift for a crocheter who wants to learn how to crochet amigurumi animals. If you haven’t heard of amigurumi, it’s this really cool Japanese style of creating adorable knit or crochet creatures. I’ve always been fascinated by it and it’s definitely on my list of must-have books because it’s all about making these cute little projects.

Yarn Cutter Pendant

clover yarn cutter pendant in silver and gold colors

This pendant is such a handy tool! It makes an amazing gift for knitting or crochet enthusiasts. Not only can it easily cut yarn and cord, but it also looks pretty. Talk about functional and fashionable! You can attach it to a necklace chain or a keychain and always keep it with your knitting supplies. How convenient is that? The pendant can be bought on KnitPicks or The Woolery and the keychain on KnitPicks.

Needle Gauge Tool

knit picks wooden alpaca knitting needle gauge

This adorable knitting needle gauge is a cute little knitting gift. It’s used to easily determine the size of a knitting needle since they’re not all labeled. For the serious knitters, they’ll have multiple knitting needles so this tool is super convenient.

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Wraps Per Inch Tool

knit picks wooden wraps per inch tool with a unicorn knitting a scarf on it

A wraps per inch tool is incredibly handy for both crocheters and knitters to figure out how wide their yarn is (yarn gauge). I have one of these and use it to check the yarn gauge of my hand spun yarn and if I lose the information on my store bought yarn.

Row Counter

red knitting row counter that fits over knitting needles

This row counter makes a great stocking stuffer or even as a charm on a gift. Hang it on the ribbon or bow of the gift that has other knitting supplies. This counter slips on to the knitting needles and is handy to easily count knitting rows.

Yarn Ball Winder

knitpicks yarn ball winder

This yarn ball winder makes dealing with yarn so much easier. For myself, this (especially combined with a yarn swift) is pretty much a game changer. No more tangled messes, this thing lets you easily make balls of yarn. If the knitter or crocheter in your life doesn’t have one yet, do them a favor and please get them one (along with a yarn swift).

Set of Cable Needles, Stitch Holders, and Tapestry Needles

This is a great set of extra types of needles to make all sorts of interesting stitches. This set contains cable needles, stitch holders, and tapestry needles. If the knitter in your life has been itching to try more intricate stitches and designs, this set is an absolute must-have. 

Portable Yarn Bag

This yarn bag may seem small, but it’s got a surprisingly large capacity. With a diameter of 12.7″ and a height of roughly 12″, it can easily hold 5-10 balls of yarn. Plus, it’s got plenty of pockets and storage space on the outside for all your crochet hooks, knitting needles, scissors, and more. These bags come in multiple colors and patterns to choose from so you can find the perfect one.

Pom Pom Maker

This set of pom pom makers is great for knitters and crocheters of any age. It comes with 4 different sizes of pom pom makers and some yarn to start with so your crafter can start right away making pom poms for hats, garlands, or whatever they’d like!

I even have a tutorial on how to use a pom pom maker.

Dish Towel Kit

knitpicks knit dish towel set kit

This kit comes with a downloadable pattern and 5 colors of “Dishie” yarn, perfect for making dishtowels. Just a heads up, making dish towels can be quite addictive. So get ready to receive knitted dish towels as gifts for every occasion (trust me, I know from experience).

This knit dishtowel kit is an intermediate level kit so it doesn’t come with needles. So in case knitter doesn’t have US 6 (4mm) needles, I recommend getting them a pair as well (such as these).

different colored balls of yarn with the title "best gifts crocheters and knitters under $50 by"

Knitting and Crochet Gifts Under $50

This group of knitting and crochet gifts are a fantastic mix of practical and fun, all under $50. So if you have a slightly higher budget, these can be some really great gift ideas for a crocheter or knitter.

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Yarn of the Month from Darn Good Yarn

Subscription boxes are always a fun gift option, and this one from Darn Good Yarn is $25 and typically includes 3 skeins of yarn. I really love this brand as they’re all about creating sustainable products ethically.

You can also use code ABCRAFTY to get 15% of your purchase!

Schitt's Creek Crochet Pillow Kit

schitt's creek pillow that says fold in the cheese from lion brand yarns

For the Schitt’s Creek fans, you simply must get them this crochet pillow kit from Lion BrandThe kit includes the pattern and yarn (aptly named “Black Crow” and “Hide Your Diamonds”). I’d also suggest grabbing some stuffing, just in case your recipient doesn’t have any on hand.

Niddy Noddy

wooden krmoski niddy noddy in 3 different colors on knitpicks

If you’re looking for a gift idea for those who love yarn, consider a niddy noddy. It’s a handy tool that helps you count the length of your yarn and even transform it into beautiful twisted hanks. These are from Knit Picks, but you can also get similar wooden ones from Amazon. I’ve also put together a guide for how to use a niddy noddy.

Large Yarn Bag - Teamoy Knitting Bag

If the knitter or crocheter in your life tends to use longer knitting needles or crochet hooks, they’ll definitely need a bigger bag. This bag is perfect as it can fit needles and hooks that are up to 14″ long. The inside has multiple dividers to help sort yarn and plenty of pockets to store needles, scissors, and everything else.

Yarn Dyeing Kit

Ashford weaving starter kit -monochrome with partially woven wall hanging on the loom and balls of grey and white yarn next to it

This yarn dyeing kit could be a super fun gift for a crocheter or knitter who always struggles to find the perfect yarn. It’s like a little treasure chest of possibilities, allowing them to create unique and custom colors that perfectly match their vision. Not only do they get to learn how to dye yarn with this kit, but also they then get to use the yarn in another project so it’s like two gifts in one!

Online Knitting and Crochet Classes from CreativeBug

Creativebug has tons of classes on all types of crafts, but especially knitting and crochet classes. Once you create an account you have access to all of their classes. They have a free trial so you can try it for yourself! But a monthly subscription ($29.85 for 3 months) is a fantastic gift for the knitter or crocheter who loves to make knew things. Even better is if you pair it with some of the supplies they’ll need for the class they really want to take.

For 2021, they’re offering 60 days free and then $4.95 per month if you want to stay a member. You can even sign yourself up for free and try out some of the classes!

Yarn Swift

wooden yarn swift from knitpicks attached to a wooden table

I cannot express to you how convenient a yarn swift is. No more attempting to detangle a skein or hank of yarn. Simply put the skein over it and the yarn unwinds swiftly. This wooden one is an amazing knitting gift because of how beautiful it is, but I have a whole guide on the best yarn swifts. Pair it with a yarn ball winder and you have an amazing set of gifts for a crocheter or knitter.

Knitting Pattern Holder by Knitter's Pride

This Knitter’s Pride knitting pattern holder is super convenient. It folds up easily, making it a breeze to display patterns or any charts. Plus, it’s magnetic and comes with a long magnetic bar that helps you stay on track with each line of your pattern. The holder also has pockets and a pen holder to keep everything in place.

Reversible Octopus Crochet Kit

crochet kit contents and pattern for a crochet reversible octopus

This kit contains everything needed to crochet a reversible octopus (including the crochet hook and extra yarn)! I really adore my reversible octopus, so it’s pretty awesome that there’s a kit available for making your own. If you happen to know someone who enjoys crocheting and is into amigurumi, this would make a perfect gift!

Mighty Mini Kitty Pouf Kit

knitpicks knitting kit - Mighty Mini Kitty Pouf Kit

This kit includes the yarn and pattern to make two of these adorable cat pillowy poufs. It’s an intermediate level knitting project so the knitter you’re gifting it to may already have the needles. However, just in case, it’s a good idea to include them. The pattern suggests US 15 (10mm) circular knitting needles (such as these).

bucket with balls of purple yarn and knitting needles with the title "best gifts crocheters and knitters over $50 by"

Knitting and Crochet Gifts Over $50

All of these knitting and crochet gifts are perfect if you have a large budget. These crochet and knitting gift ideas are a mix of great supplies and kits. You can also easily top $50 getting yarn as a gift for your crocheter or knitter.

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Shrug Knitting Kit

This knitting kit from Darn Good Yarn is perfect for a beginner knitter who wants to get started making larger projects. You can choose from over 10 different colors of yarn so you can choose their favorite colors!

Use code ABCRAFTY to get 15% off your purchase!

Set of Circular Knitting Needles

knitpicks Prism Aluminum Options Interchangeable Circular knitting needle Set

If the knitter in your life doesn’t yet have circular needles, this set would make a fantastic knitting gift. It comes with 9 different sizes of aluminum needles (from US 4-11), 4 cable needles, and more. It also comes with its own carrying case so you can keep everything together. It’s a fantastic gift for knitters who love making circular items such as hats or socks.

Blanket Knitting Kit

ewe ewe yarns finished light green knit blanket hanging on a couch made from the blanket knitting kit

This blanket knitting kit from Ewe Ewe Yarns would be a beautiful big gift for a knitter. You can choose either a baby blanket or adult blanket and comes with either 4 or 8 skeins of yarn, the knitting needles, and pattern. You also get to choose the color of yarn.

Knitter's Pride Tunisian Bamboo Crochet Hook Set

Knitter's Pride? Bamboo Interchangeable Tunisian Crochet Hook Set By Knitter?S Pride | Michaels�

This crochet set is a gorgeous gift for a crocheter. It comes with 8 bamboo crochet hooks that are all interchangeable with the included cords. The set also comes in a convenient carrying case to store everything in one place.

Silver Reed LK150 Knitting Machine

The Silver Reed LK150 Knitting Machine is an amazing device if you really want to splurge. If your knitter has wanted to try a knitting machine and easily knit intricate patterns, this is the machine to get. I found it cheapest on Lion Brand, but you can also find it on Amazon.

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