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craft supplies with the title "50+ gifts for crafty people by"

I put together this collection of the best craft gifts for crafty people. If you know someone who loves crafts, here are 50+ unique gift ideas in different price ranges.

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If you’re a crafter yourself, you can also use this gift guide help inspire you to make your own crafting wish lists.

And if you’re looking for gifts specifically for knitters or crocheters, I recommend also taking a look at my list of the best knitting and crochet gifts.

Need help wrapping presents? I’ve put together an ultimate guide to gift wrapping.

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craft supplies with the title "50+ gifts for crafty people by"

Top Craft Gifts for Crafty People in Each Price Range

To make it easy to find a craft gifts for the crafter in your life, I’ve broken out some of the top gifts at each budget. They range from unique craft kits to craft supplies and useful items for crafty people.

Top Craft Gifts Under $20

Top Craft Gifts Under $50

Top Craft Gifts Under $100

Top Craft Gifts Over $100

craft supplies with the title "best craft gifts under $20, by"

Craft Gifts Crafters Under $20

These unique craft gifts for craft lovers are all under $20, making them super affordable. Some can also be great stocking stuffers during the holidays.

Personalized Craft Labels

These custom sew-in craft labels make for an adorable gift for a crafter. There are all types of personalized labels you can get on Etsy, including these sew-on labels. They’re especially great for the knitters and sewers in your life, but with all the different types of labels, they can be great for all types of crafters to add a personalized touch to their work.

Annie's Caring Crochet Kit Club

Annie’s Crochet Kit Club is a unique craft subscription kit. It works like all of the other craft subscription kit in that it provides the materials and instructions to crochet a project. However, what’s unique about this kit is the project can be donated.

All of the projects are items for those in need such as chemo caps and blankets for children. They partner with organizations that will take the donations so once the project is completed, it gets sent to that organization. I absolutely love the whole idea and mission and frankly at $19.99 per month, it makes a truly lovely and affordable gift.

Online Crafting Class from Craftsy

Craftsy has over 1,500 online crafting classes, covering a variety of categories. You can gift an individual class or a monthly subscriptionI actually took a Craftsy class myself years ago when I first was learning how to use a sewing machine!

They have free classes as well as classes that range from $5 to over $70 each. If you gift a class, I highly recommend also gifting the supplies listed for the class. This way the recipient can get started right away!

Light-Up Mouse Ear Tutorial

Cover image of "ab crafty's" light-up mouse ears, instructions and pattern" with a finished minnie mouse headband in the middle and the ab crafty octopus logo in the bottom. A banner across the top left corner reads "downloadable pdf tutorial

For the Disney fans, get them a pdf tutorial to make their own light-up mouse ears. This easy to follow step by step tutorial shows you how to make classic Minnie Mouse ears as well as variations to make rose gold and Cruella Deville ears. I recommend also gifting the supplies to make the ears.

Rag Tag Box - Cross Stitch Subscription Box

The Rag Tag Box is a monthly subscription box containing a cross stitch kit. It comes with all of the materials and instructions to make the project. It’s an amazing price at $19 for a single month or as low as $16.67 per month if you buy multiple months.

Pom Pom Maker

This set of pom pom makers is great for knitters and crocheters of any age. It comes with 4 different sizes of pom pom makers and some yarn to start with so your crafter can start right away making pom poms for hats, garlands, or whatever they’d like!

I even have a tutorial on how to use a pom pom maker.

Neck Light

While originally intended for reading, this neck light is perfect to use while knitting and crocheting. It’s super portable, and the best part is, it’s hands-free! So your knitter can keep using both hands, even late into the night, while creating amazing things.

Hands Free Magnifying Glass / Jeweler's Loupe

Another great gift for crafters, especially those who do a lot of intricate work with fabric, jewelry making, diamond painting, or other detailed projects, is a hands free magnifying glass (also known as a jeweler’s loupe). This one comes with a headband, 5 magnification lenses, charging cable, and a built in light so your crafter can keep their hands free while they work on projects day or night.

This is actually the one I have and I cannot recommend it enough. I use it when working on small projects or while identifying rocks for tumbling.

Conda Paint Brush Set

This paint brush set is perfect for the general crafter since it has a variety of brushes of different shapes and sizes. No matter how many brushes I have, I always find myself looking for more, but typically the cheapest ones I can find.

Getting a set of brushes that are actually nice would be a real treat. This set also comes with a pretty carrying case, giving it a nice touch when giving it as a gift.

Strong Titanium Coated Scissors

I have these scissors myself so I can attest to just how fantastic they are. They’re incredibly strong and can cut through almost any type of fabric or material. I personally use them to cut through sheets of rubber to create shoe soles.

No crafter should go without a pair of scissors that can cut through pretty much anything.

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Resin Jewelry Kit

This kit comes with everything you need to make adorable resin jewelry and accessories. Resin is an incredibly versatile material so chances are the crafter in your life will have a use for making resin creations.

Jacquard Marbling Kit

Jacquard Marbling Starter Kit

This marbling kit is great for the versatile crafter since it works with both fabric and paper. It’s great for textile crafters as well as paper crafters to make custom fabrics and papers.

It comes with all the materials and instructions to do the actual marbling, but you need to provide the paper or cloth. Therefore when giving it as a gift, I recommend pairing it with some cardstock or white cotton items (such as handkerchiefs).

Tie Dye Kit - Jacquard Procion MX Dye

Jacquard Procion MX Fiber Reactive Cold Water Dye - Starter Set, Set of 4, 2/3 oz Jars

This kit is great for those who really want to get into dyeing fabrics and tie dye. The dyes come in jars, making it really easy to mix colors and are perfect for ice tie dye. If you know someone who has been interested in dyeing their own fabrics, this is 100% the kit to get them.

You can also see my full list of tie dye kit recommendations here.

Pink Power Rotary Cutter

pink power rotary cutter

This rotary cutter makes it incredibly easy to make quick cuts of almost any material. I just recently upgraded my own rotary cutter to this one and absolutely love it. I actually get asked all the time in my Youtube videos and posts what I’m using so this would be a favorite amongst these craft gifts!

Embroidery Stand

An embroidery stand like this one can be great gift for a crafter who loves to do cross stitch or embroidery. This one is especially nice because the stand can adjust to any angle so your crafter can sit in any comfortable position without having to hold the hoop themself. It even comes with 24 extra colors of thread. And if you are feeling extra generous, add a kit and they’ll be all set!

Portable Ironing Mat

This portable ironing mat is a great craft gift for crafters who sew or often work with fabric. I have one of these myself and love it since I don’t need to get out the ironing board for small projects. Simply place it on any surface and it turns it into an ironing board! It’s also a great space saver for those who don’t want to get a full ironing board.

Biodegradable Glitter

I myself am trying to move to a fully earth-safe set of glitter so this set is absolutely perfect for your eco-conscious crafter. It comes with 8 colors, all of which are plant based, biodegradable, and fair trade.

These glitters can even be used in makeup and nail art.

Needle Felting Kit

Needle felting has become extremely popular lately and this kit comes with everything you need to get started. It’s the perfect kit to try out the craft and make small projects. It even comes with it’s own storage case!

Eraser Clay Kit by Klutz

I’ve made my own erasers from an eraser clay kit like this one and love it! This kit from Klutz is great because it comes with a variety of colors of clay and a full booklet with instructions and inspiration.

I am a huge fan of Klutz kits and have bought several as an adult as a less expensive way to try out a craft. All of their kits have well-written instructions and quality materials to make several projects. So even for adults, these kits are great.

Mini Candle Making Kit

This mini candle making kit is an adorable crafting kit in the $15 range. You use powdered colored wax to either make sand-like candles or you can melt them for fun layered candles. It also comes with fun toppers to add to the detail! It’s a cute kit for both adults and kids.

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colored pencils and pineapple erasers with the title "best craft gifts under $50, by"

Craft Gifts Under $50

This category of arts and craft gifts under $50 ranges from anything just over $20 up to $49.99. You’ll find some great projects, craft materials, jewelry, and classes.

Yarn of the Month from Darn Good Yarn

Subscription boxes are always a fun gift option, and this one from Darn Good Yarn is $25 and typically includes 3 skeins of yarn. And to sweeten the deal even further, they’ll get a free printed pattern as well as access to a library of digital patterns to help kickstart their next project! I really love this brand as they’re all about creating sustainable products ethically.

You can also use code ABCRAFTY to get 15% of your purchase!

Online Crafting Class Subscription from CreativeBug

Creativebug has tons of classes on all types of crafts. Once you create an account you have access to all of their classes. A monthly subscription ($29.85 for 3 months) is a fantastic gift for the crafter who loves to learn knew things. Even better is if you pair it with some of the supplies they’ll need for the class they really want to take.

For 2022, they’re offering 60 days free and then $4.95 per month if you want to stay a member. You can even sign up yourself for free and try out some of the classes!

Rock Tumbler

A unique craft gift for a crafter could be a rock tumbler and I highly recommend this beginner machine. I have recently become obsessed with rock tumbling so can personally attest to just how fun it is. This one comes with all the parts needed to start tumbling rocks, including two pounds of rough stones, grit, ceramic, and even jewelry fasteners. So give your crafter the gift of creating beautiful polished stones that can be used for making jewelry and other crafting projects.

Craft Subscription Boxes from Cratejoy

Cratejoy has all types of subscription boxes for crafters at different price points (most are around $30 per month). Some are specifically for knitters or painters, but there are more general boxes that change the type of craft each month such as with the Adults and Crafts Crate. This way your crafter will always be able to try something new.

Crafting Themed Charm Bracelet

You can go in a completely different route for a craft gift and instead of getting your crafter supplies, get them a gift that represents their love of crafting. This charm bracelet by SparkleandComfort on Etsy for $25 is absolutely adorable and a fun way to show off their hobby.

Fiskars Cutting Mat and Rotary Cutter

Fiskars� Fabric Cutting Set (3-piece) | Michaels�

I actually have this set and use it all the time for all types of craft projects. The rotary cutter especially is great to have as it makes cutting anything super easy. The mat itself is called “self-healing” which means the cuts close up so the mat can be used for pretty much ever.

Electric Fabric Cutter

And for the crafter who uses a lot of fabric, these scissors are a game changer. Because it’s electric, it does all the work for them, making it easier and faster to cut through multiple layers of fabric at once. They can also be used on other materials like paper, leather, or vinyl (using different blades). Trust me, any crafter who works with large materials will appreciate this gift.

Crop-A-Dile Hole Punch and Eyelet Setter

We R Memory Keepers� Crop-A-Dile� Pink Punch Kit | Michaels�

This glorious thing is called a Crop-A-Dile and it’s a combination hole punch and eyelet or snap setter. Paper crafters love it because they can create unique details in paper. And sewers and fiber crafters love it to add eyelets and snaps to their projects. All around it’s a fun and handy device that’s incredibly easy to use.

Did I mention I have one? It’s definitely one of my favorite little crafting gadgets.

Cordless Rotary Tool

A cordless rotary tool is a great gift for the crafter who does all sorts of crafts. You could of course go with a Dremel, but that one is over $100, meanwhile this one is under $50! Plus this one comes in pink or blue! (No surprises here, I have the pink and black one!)

Because it’s wireless it can be taken anywhere and your crafter doesn’t have to deal with the cord getting in the way. It’s perfect for cutting, grinding or polishing almost any material and is suitable for both fine detail work and larger jobs. This one comes with multiple attachments and it’s rechargeable, so they won’t have to worry about replacing cords or batteries. Whether your crafter loves woodworking, jewelry making, or any other project that requires precision, this is a great tool to gift.

Back Massager

Another option for a massager is a back massager. This one can be placed on any chair or moved around as necessary. It has heat therapy which is a nice feature. I have this one and it’s great to be able to move it to wherever I’m currently working.

Photo Studio Light Box

A photo studio light box is the perfect gift for any crafter so they can photograph their creations. This exact box was on my wishlist last year and I use it all the time to photograph my smaller finished projects. This one is 12×12 inches and around $40.

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Brother Ribbon and Tape Printer

Brother p-touch embellishment ribbon and tape printer with the ribbon printing out of the machine and wrapped around a present

Honestly any label maker is an amazing gift for a crafter, but this one is particularly great because it can print on ribbon too! With a coupon at Michael’s, this printer will be just under $50.

Adjustable Knitting Loom

Adjustable Multi-Knit Loom By Knitting Board | Michaels�

I’m a huge fan of knitting looms and this one in particular is amazing. It can be used to make all sorts of knit items in different sizes. I personally have made hats, gloves, and blankets. Typically knitting looms are a single size so you have to have a bunch (I have over 10 since I got them before they started making adjustable ones). You can also adjust the pegs on this one to be used with thicker or thinner yarn or to make smaller or bigger stitches.

I also have a tutorial on how to knit a hat on this loom and a free printable size chart.

I recommend pairing it with a few balls of yarn for an amazing gift.

Large Candle Making Kit

This candle making kit has everything you need to get started with soy candle making. This kit has actual candle dyes, scents, and tins to learn how to make up to 14 candles. It can even be used to make ice candles.

Paper Quilling Kit

This paper quilling kit comes with everything you need to create twirled paper designs. This kit is great for both adults and kids. You use a tool to twirl (or quill) little strips of paper and glue them together to make different designs. It’s great for card making or decor.

Yarn Bowl

knit picks two toned wooden yarn bowl

A yarn bowl is a beautiful and useful gift for any crafter working with yarn. I received a similar one years ago and cherish it. Simply put your ball of yarn in the bowl, thread it through the spiral and keeps the yarn contained. No more hunting a ball of yarn across the room! This one from Knit Picks has the gorgeous two-toned designed that is just over $20.

Yarn Spinning Kit - Drop Spindle Introduction

kromski drop-spindle kit containing a drop spindle and package of yellow wool in a box

Most crafters love to learn knew crafts and an incredibly unique craft is spinning yarn. This kit teaches the basics of spinning yarn with a drop spindle and comes with 4 oz of merino wool (which is roughly the amount in a standard skein of yarn).

Learn to Knit Socks Kit

knit picks beginner learn how to knit socks kit with all of the materials and instructions to knit a pair of socks

This kit from Knit Picks comes with everything a beginner needs to knit a pair of socks. It comes with all of the instructions, yarn, stitch markers, needles, and even a carrying pouch. It makes for a great craft gift for someone who wants to learn how to knit.

Tumbler Turner Kit

This kit is so much fun and comes with everything needed to customize tumblers. It includes 1 tumbler to get started, but when giving it as a gift for a crafter, I recommend getting a few more or some insulated cups. This way they can make a whole set or give the completed items as gifts themselves!

craft supplies including scissors and paper clips with the title "best craft gifts under $100, by"

Craft Gifts Under $100

If you have a larger budget and need some ideas for craft gifts for craft lovers, there are some really great kits and supplies you can get. Here’s a collection of a few ideas that range from just over $50 up to $99.99.

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Ottlite Desk Lamp

Ottlite makes desk and floor lamps specifically for crafters. They have a full range of desk lamps, but this magnifying one in particular makes a perfect gift. The addition of the magnifying glass is perfect for crafters to work on fine details. All around, it’s a fantastic light and oddly enough, makes a great gift (I was so excited when I got my first Ottlite, that I immediately bought another)!

Speedball Screen Printing Kit

Speedball� Super Value Fabric Screen Printing Kit | Michaels�

This screen printing kit by Speedball is a fantastic starter kit. This kit comes with all the materials and instructions you need, but you need to supply your own items to print on. Therefore when giving it as gift I recommend including some shirts or other fabric items such as tote bags. This way your recipient can start screen printing right away.

Weaving Starter Kit

Ashford weaving starter kit -monochrome with partially woven wall hanging on the loom and balls of grey and white yarn next to it

A fun kit for a crafter could be a weaving kit. This one made by Ashford is a great beginner weaving kit. It comes with all of the materials and instructions to get started right away. It’s shown to make wall hangings, but it’s also the perfect size to make narrow scarves.

Yarn Dyeing Kit

Ashford weaving starter kit -monochrome with partially woven wall hanging on the loom and balls of grey and white yarn next to it

This yarn dyeing kit could be a really fun gift for the crafter in your life. Not only do they get to learn how to dye yarn with this kit, but also they then get to use the yarn in another project so it’s like two gifts in one!

Wet Felting Kit

heidifeathers wet felting kit with the box of wool and felting supplies, image of felting instructions, materials, and balls of wool

I am personally am big into wet felting so I of course need to recommend a wet felting kit. This one is perfect in that it has absolutely everything needed to get started, including some instructions. I also recommend printing out and giving them my free wool shrinkage cheat sheet as it will make it even easier to get started with wet felting.

Mosaic Coaster Kit

Mosaic Coaster Kit - Set of 12, 4'' x 4'', Square

This mosaic coaster kit is a cute and relatively easy craft kit perfect for those who like to try new crafts. It comes with the molds, tiles, and cement to make a set of 12 coasters. The molds from this kit can also be reused for future mosaic or even resin projects.

Sentro Knitting Machine

sentro knitting machine with counter and full kit with yarn and plastic needles

The Sentro Knitting Machine was actually on my wishlist last year and I absolutely love this machine. I actually have a full guide on how to use a Sentro Knitting Machine and instructions to make a reversible beanie in under an hour. And there’s a full knitting machine guide as there are all sorts of types you can get.

This little thing can make all sorts of knit projects with simply the turn of a crank. It’s therefore great for both kids and adults. They come in a few different sizes, but to make a full size adult beanie I recommend the 48 needle machine.

Large Soap Bar Making Kit

This soap making kit is unique because it makes a large block that you get to cut into individual squares. It’s a fun way to get started in large soap making – it even comes with shrink wrap bags to give away for gifts. So if you give this kit as a gift, chances are you’ll get one of the soaps as a gift in the future!

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Hand Massager

Another great gift for crafters is a hand massager. Naturally crafting can put a lot of strain on the hands, so this amazing machine helps relieve pain and fatigue in just minutes. This one has three massage modes and three heat settings (my favorite is the highest heat and second mode).

I have this one and love being able to get some relief. Since it’s cordless, I take it between my craft room and living room to use it during crafting sessions or at the end of the day while watching Netflix.

Foot Massager

Then for the crafter who is on their feet all day, a foot massager could be a great gift. This one has heat and multiple massage modes to fully relax those tired feet. And let’s face it, crafting can sometimes lead to sore feet from standing or sitting in uncomfortable positions for long periods of time. I have this one and absolutely love that it can do deep pressure – lots of other foot massagers can’t.

paint set and colored pencils with the title "best craft gifts over $100, by"

Craft Gifts Over $100 - The Ultimate Gifts for Crafty People

For the ultimate craft gifts, you can really make a crafter’s day year with these gift ideas over $100. If there really isn’t a budget, then you can easily spend over $400 on some great crafting machines and supplies. But there are also some great craft kits that are just over $100.

Cricut Cutting Machines

One of the ultimate gift crafters want (myself included), is a Cricut cutting machine. If you know a crafter who doesn’t already have one and you have the budget, this is the gift to give. These machines cut all sorts of materials and come in various price points from $150-$500.

I highly recommend one of the bundles so your crafter can immediately start making some projects. The one pictured is their mid-range Cricut Maker that can cut fabric, which is a quilt maker’s dream. Then in 2021, they’ve updated it to the Cricut Maker 3.

Thermal Label Printer

For those crafters who are also entrepreneurs, selling their creations online, a thermal label printer such as the one I have could be an invaluable gift. This gadget simplifies the shipping process by printing shipping labels instantly, without the need for ink or toner. It’s compatible with most major shipping platforms and marketplaces, ensuring a smooth workflow.

Then if they don’t ship items, it can still be used to create labels for gifts or to make fun custom stickers (like the ones I made in the photo)!

Heat Press Machine

vevor 15x15 heat press

For the crafter who loves to make t-shirts and other projects using heat transfer vinyl or sublimation techniques, a great gift could be a heat press machine. This tool can be used to press vinyl, iron-on transfers, and dyes onto fabric, wood, tumblers, mugs or other materials and with a bit of practice, create some really amazing projects.

I actually have a whole guide on how to use the Vevor heat press.

Spellbinders Die Cutting and Embossing Machines

For those who prefer a manual die cutting machine and want to emboss, Spellbinders machines are a great option. The main advantage of these machines is the ability to emboss as you can’t do that with the Cricut machines. The downside, however, is you’re limited to the cartridges that you can buy for the machine since it’s all manual. When I get into embossing, however, these will likely be the machines I will go for.

Ottlite Floor Lamp

Ottlite lamps have become the ultimate crafter’s light. They’re designed with crafters in mind and as someone with two of their desk lamps, this 36W floor lamp would be the lamp I would splurge on (hint, hint to friends and family)!

Crealty Ender 3 V2 3D Printer

My boyfriend actually got himself the older version of this machine a couple years ago and I have absolutely loved having it around. For under $300 it’s an amazing gift for a crafter who likes to learn new technologies. It’s pretty incredible to be able to print a yarn bowl, a hanger to display finished crafts, a yarn counter, knitting needles, or even a magic wand for a costume (yes, these are all things I’ve actually done!).

I recommend pairing it with some PLA (this one is my personal favorite since it’s purple and glittery). This way they can get started printing items right away.

Brother Sewing and Quilting Machine

Brother XR9550 Computerized Sewing Machine | Michaels�

For the crafter who doesn’t yet have a sewing machine, this is the machine to get them. It’s a combination sewing and quilting machine so they can also get into quilting.

When I got my sewing machine, I got the solo sewing machine and I wish I had gotten this one. There have been times I have wanted to create a fun quilting design, but haven’t been able to. Therefore if you want to gift a starter sewing machine, I definitely recommend this one.

Stained Glass Kit

Stained Glass Class Kit

This stained glass kit comes with all of the tools and a book to make stained glass. Glass working in general can be very expensive so this kit makes an amazing high-price gift. I recommend pairing it with some glass sheets like these so the recipient can get started right away!

Silver Reed LK150 Knitting Machine

The Silver Reed LK150 Knitting Machine is an amazing device if you really want to splurge on your crafter. Similar to the Addi and Sentro Machines, it makes knitting incredibly easy (see my full guide to knitting machines). But what’s unique about this machine is it can easily make intricate patterns (and much larger items). I found it cheapest on Lion Brand, but you can also find it on Amazon.

Large Knitting Machine - Addi Express King Size Knitting Machine

addi express king size knitting machine with all of its parts

The Addi Express King Size Knitting Machine is a fantastic circular knitting machine. This one is a durable machine and at its price point, it’s certainly a splurge gift. It can be used to make all sorts of knit items including beanies in less than an hour!

Elite Hand Massager

If you’re looking for something really special to give the crafter in your life, why not splurge on an expensive hand massager. This one is amazing because it can give extra pressure, which makes it stand out from the cheaper models. I lean towards intense pressure and I can’t even use the higher settings.

It also comes with a finger roller that’s fun to play with and give a bit more attention to individual fingers. This is definitely an extravagant gift, but one that any crafter would appreciate and enjoy for years to come.

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