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2 tie dye shirts and a tie dye sweatshirt and rinsing a dyed shirt with the title "best tie dye kits"

Find the right tie dye kit for your tie dye project. See the best overall, best for a tie dye party, best for kids, best color, and more.

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If you’re looking to get into tie dye, this guide will help you choose the best starter kit for your project. For easy access, I’ve listed my favorites right below, but you can also use the table of contents to jump to more details.

Keep in mind, for any of the estimates of the number of shirts assume you’re dyeing around half the shirt or less. But if you want more of the shirt colored, cut the estimates in around half.

Be sure to also check out my recommendations for the best fabric paint.

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Best Tie Dye Kit in Each Category

To make it easy to choose the right kit for your project, I’ve created this list of the best ones in each category. Or you can continue scrolling to read more about each one.

  • Best Color (Most Vibrant): Jacquard Tie Dye Kit (Amazon)
  • Best One Step Kit: Tulip One Step Kit 12 Pack (Amazon)
  • Best for Kids: Hippie Crafter 26 Colors Kit (Amazon)
  • Best for Parties: Tulip Tie Dye Party Kit (Amazon)
  • Best Spray Kit: S.E.I. Spray Kit (Amazon)
  • Best Natural Dye: Honey Oak (Amazon)
  • Best Professional Kit: Jacquard Procion MX Kit (Amazon)

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a tie dye shirt and sweatshirt and rinsing a dyed shirt with the title "best tie dye kits"

Kits with Soda Ash

I personally am a massive fan of kits that use soda ash and will always recommend these over a one-step kit.

Soda ash is a powder that you mix with water. Then you soak your fabric in it before adding dye. It’s an extra step that the one-step kits don’t have, but it’s what helps give the most vibrant color.

After trying so many kits, I now refuse to use only one step kits. If I do use them, I’ll still add the soda ash step.

Best Soda Ash Kit - Jacquard Tie Dye Kit

This kit contains 3 colors (red, blue, and yellow), 4 squirt bottles, and a DVD (along with the usual gloves, rubber bands, and instructions). The extra bottle is great because you can use it to mix a new color.

The Jacquard Funky Groovy Kit is the same thing, but doesn’t have the extra bottle and DVD. This is actually the kit I used to make my tie dye sweatshirttie dye socks, and some of my tie dye shirts. And even after 10+ years on the shelf, the color still came out amazing!

I’m really into the vibrant colors this kit offers, but what I adore most are the squirt bottles (hence why I’ve shared a pic of them). These bottles are hands down the best I’ve ever used. The caps are nice and big, making them easy to pop back on. It’s funny how the little things like caps can really make a difference, right?

Tulip Soda Ash Kit

If you really want to stick with the Tulip brand, I recommend going with their soda ash kit. It includes 4 vibrant colors (fuchsia, yellow, turquoise, and black) along with an extra mixing bottle, rubber bands, and gloves. This kit is especially handy if you need black dye.

Professional Tie Dye Kit - Jacquard Procion MX

If you’re looking to go the professional route, these Procion MX dyes from Jacquard are the way to go – there’s a small one with 4 colors or a large one with 10. It’s the same dye as in their prepackaged kits, but now you can weigh your own dye and mix it yourself. If you’re really keen on tie dye, these kits are a great way to start with the basic primary colors.

This is also the kit you want to get for ice dyeing.

These, along with Dharma’s dyes, are the ones I personally use now. They’ve also made it on my list of the best craft gifts!

One Step Kits

The most common kits are the “one step” kits. They get this name because you skip the extra step of soaking the fabric in soda ash. With these kits, the soda ash is already mixed in with the dye, so you’re essentially soaking and dyeing all at once.

Because of this the colors typically come out not as bright as when you pre soak with soda ash directly, which you can find on Amazon. But you get the added benefit of only having one step which makes it easier for kids.

Best One Step Kit: 12 Color One-Step Tulip Tie Dye Kit

This one is your classic one step kit. You receive 12 vibrant colors, each bottle containing a generous amount. The range includes sought-after colors such as black and brown, not always easy to come by in kits. With sizable bottles, you can dye a large batch of clothes.

Additionally, each cap corresponds to a color, simplifying identification. This set also provides an abundance of gloves (8 pairs, to be exact), making it perfect for a small gathering.

Hippie Crafter 24 Colors Kit

This set has a whopping 24 colors so there’s plenty to choose from. It’s great for kids because the bottles are smaller than most, making them easier for little hands to hold. Plus, it comes with spray bottles for a different effect! And there are a bunch of gloves included, along with a bonus table cover and funnels to keep things tidy!

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Best Party Tie Dye Kit - Tulip Ultimate Summer Tie Dye Party Kit

This really is the ultimate pack for parties. You get 30 large bottles and colors so everyone has plenty to choose from. And again, each bottle has a corresponding colored cap to easily identify each color.

Best Mini Tie Dye Kit - Tulip Single Color and 3 Pack Kits

If you want to keep things simple, you can get mini kits. And to make it super mini, you can get a single color which will dye up to 3 shirts. So if you really want to dye something, but want to keep things simple go for one of these. For example, to make my bat tie dye shirt design, you just need a single bottle of black!

And if you’re looking for more than just one, but want to keep things small, Tulip makes some great 3 color kits.

Just My Style Pastel Tie Dye Kit

Pastel tie dye has grown in popularity and while you don’t need a specific kit to make pastel colors, this one is a great option. I particularly love it because it’s not just the top that indicates the color. The entire top of the bottle indicates the color so if you’re not one to replace the cap, it’s not an issue.

Neon Tie Dye Kit - Electric Neons Tulip Kit

Tulip has certainly established a reputation in the tie-dye world, and while I might suggest a different brand for some kits, they truly excel in the neon category. This kit has huge bottles and are a true neon color rather than simply bright colors.

These dyes come with fluorescent pigment, so they’ll even glow under a blacklight. Just a heads up, you might not see the most vibrant colors in regular light, but they really pop under a blacklight.

Glow in the Dark Tie Dye Kit - Tulip Phosphorescente Kit

This kit comes with an additional bottle container glow in the dark pigment. Mix the colored dyes in so that when you expose your clothes to light, they’ll glow in the dark! It’s neat that you can achieve this effect with a kit, plus the colors are neon. It’s like getting a two-in-one kit for glow-in-the-dark and neon tie-dye.

Camo Tie Dye Kit - Sorlakar 3 Color Kit

Brown can be difficult to make so if you want a camo tie dye look, it’s a good idea to get a kit that has the brown. And if you’re just going for camouflage colors, this camo kit is perfect.

When it comes to colors, you’ve got a trio to play with – green, brown, and black. Mix them up and watch new shades come to life!

Spray Tie Dye Kits

Spray kits are great to get a fun sprayed effect or easily blend colors. Another fun technique you can do with the spray dyes is use stencils to create detailed designs.

Best Spray Kit - S.E.I. Spray Tie Dye Kit

These bottles are bigger, so you can grab more of your favorite color. With 8 colors to choose from, you’ve got plenty of options. Plus, this kit stands out because you heat set it with an iron to ensure you get the most vibrant colors possible.

Mosaiz Spray Kit

This one comes with a crazy number of colors – 26 to be precise! If you’re not a fan of mixing colors, that’s okay – it’s all done for you. Just remember, the bottles are pretty small, so plan to blend those colors together.

One downside of this kit is that it only comes with 3 spray tops. So, while you can use the squeeze bottles like regular dye, you’re limited to spraying 3 colors. If you want to switch colors, just rinse it off and pick a new one.

Natural Dye Kits

Natural dye kits are awesome because they skip the harsh chemicals found in standard kits. Just a heads-up though, they work a bit differently – often requiring cooking and soaking for your dyed items. But hey, those extra steps are totally worth it! Natural dyes give you stunning and unique colors that traditional dyes just can’t match.

Best Natural Kit - Honey Oak

This kit from Honey Oak gives you multiple natural colors. Usually, the only natural dye kits you come across contain indigo dye – that’s what makes this one stand out! Plus, it’s got aprons and a tablecloth, which most kits skip. Their commitment to sustainability is also top-notch, with 100% plastic-free packaging and a recyclable box.

Jacquard Indigo Kit

This kit is perfect if you want to try out indigo tie dye or shibori tie dye. It’s real indigo, so you get that absolutely gorgeous color without any chemicals. One thing missing from this kit: dye bottles. Why? When dyeing with indigo, you mix the dye with water to create a dye bath. Then you dip the fabric or clothing in the bath. No need for dye bottles here!

Tie Dye Projects to Try

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