Munbyn Thermal Printer Review

munbyn thermal printer 941b in pink with printed stickers, including the AB Crafty logo

Discover the wonders of the MUNBYN thermal printer in this honest detailed review, where I explore how this creative tool can transform your crafting projects and small business operations, making label and sticker creation a breeze.

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Before I dive into the nitty-gritty about the Munbyn Thermal Printer, a quick disclaimer: this is my very first foray into the world of thermal printers. I’ve seen them advertised and they looked cool to create fun stickers or shipping labels so I was excited to test one out (this is the one I have have).  You can also get your own from Munbyn directly or on Amazon.

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What is a MUNBYN Thermal Label Printer?

munbyn thermal printer 941b in pink with printed stickers, including the AB Crafty logo

A thermal printer does not use ink or toner but instead relies on heat to transfer an impression onto paper. You insert stickers of different shapes and sizes, including shipping labels,  and print your design onto them. You simply use their free app, design your sticker or label and print 1 or 100s within seconds. It’s ridiculously fun coming up with designs and actually seeing them come to life in a matter of seconds.

Key Product Features

  • High Resolution: Perfect for crafting those custom labels with its sharp 203dpi or 300dpi resolution—your sticker labels come out clear and crisp every time. Ideal for making personalized labels for gifts and packages, adding that special touch.
  • WiFi / Bluetooth / USB Printing: You can print from anywhere at home!
  • Various Label Sizes: There are quite a few sizes to choose from such as 2″x2″, 2.25″x1.25″, 4″x6″, and 3″x3″—giving you plenty of options for all your labeling needs.
  • Super Fast Printing: Speedy printing at 120mm/s – what this translates to in real life is it prints 10 2×2″ labels in maybe a second.
  • No Ink: Ditching the need for ink or toner not only makes life easier but also saves money in the long run.
screenshots of the munbyn app, designing a label

What can you make with it?

From custom labels for your handmade projects to stylish address labels for your boutique’s shipping packages, the MUNBYN bluetooth label printer can enhance your crafting efforts. Here are some fun ideas:

  • Custom Stickers: The stickers can be a craft in themselves – designing and printing your own stickers!
  • Photo Stickers: For a fun gift idea, create custom photo stickers using the printer. You can print pictures of friends and family, pets, or even cute memes to add a personal touch to cards, notebooks, or gifts.
  • Return Address Stickers: You know how every now and then you’ll get return address stickers in the mail, well now you can customize your own!
  • Handmade Labels: When gifting your projects, you can add your own custom “handmade” sticker such as the ones I made in the images.
  • Decorative Labels: Spice up your kitchen or craft room with beautifully designed labels for every jar and container.
  • Custom Planner Stickers: Perfect for organizing your daily tasks in a fun and personal way.
  • Thank You Stickers: This could either be for friends, family, or if you’re a business owner, you can create personalized thank-you stickers to include in your shipments.
  • Logo Stickers for Packaging: Add a professional touch to your packages with custom logo stickers. It immediately ups the branding game for small Etsy shops or local businesses.
  • Seasonal Product Labels: Tailor your product labels for seasonal offerings, such as special holiday editions of your crafts or seasonal products.
  • Custom Shipping Labels: Streamline your shipping process with easy-to-read, branded shipping labels. It not only looks more professional but helps in keeping the orders organized. The shipping labels even come in 3 different colors (blue, pink, and white)!
  • QR Code Stickers: You can use the QR code for anything – whether it’s linking to your online shop or making the sticker version of the “buy the bride a drink” bracelets
munbyn thermal printer with with thank you stickers and made with love stickers
printed shipping label from the thermal printer

Pros and Cons


  • Easy Setup: The setup was surprisingly painless – simply download the free app and connect it via bluetooth.
  • User-Friendly App: Their app is intuitive and makes designing from your phone a piece of cake.
  • Rapid Printing: Speed is of the essence, and this printer does not disappoint. Printing a row of 10 stickers in less than a second is nothing short of magical. It honestly blew my and my husband’s mind at how fast it is to bulk print.
  • No Ink Required: Not only does it reduce ongoing costs, but also it means no chance of smudging.
  • Compatible with Other Brand Labels: You don’t have to worry about only purchasing their brand labels. This printer is compatible with a variety of label sizes and brands.


  • Phone Over Desktop: This one might not be an issue for others, but I personally prefer to design with my desktop so having to design with my phone was not ideal.
  • Photo Printing Quirks: Photos don’t entirely fill the sticker space, and a faint grey border appears around images, which is a tad disappointing.
  • Initial Wastage: Setting up a new print job can lead to wasting the first couple of stickers. An irritant, though not a deal-breaker.

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Overall Opinion

Having used the MUNBYN thermal label printer for a while now, I can confidently say it’s quite a fun addition to my craft room. The simplicity and speed with which I can now produce labels and stickers turns the task into something quite fun.

Sure, there are a few bumps (like the bizarre photo printing issue and the initial sticker wastage), but the benefits far outweigh these minor inconveniences. And yes, adapting to designing on my phone took a hot minute, but now I appreciate the convenience of creating on the go.

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